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Victims' Assistance Division

Felony Victim Services
Phone: 936-642-2401
Fax: 936-642-2040

Misdemeanor Victim Services
Phone: 936-642-1725
Fax: 936-642-2362

Crime Victims in Texas Have a Right to:

  • Be protected from further harm or threats for cooperating with prosecution efforts
  • Have the victim's safety considered in the setting of bail
  • Information about relevant court proceedings
  • Information about a defendant's right to bail and the procedures in a criminal investigation and in the criminal justice system
  • Provide pertinent information on the impact of the offense to be considered at the time of sentencing and parole
  • Information about the Crime Victims' Compensation Program
  • Information about parole procedures and to be notified upon the release of the defendant
  • Be provided with a separate and secure waiting area for witnesses at a trial
  • Prompt return of property held as evidence when it is no longer required
  • Have employer notified if testimony requires absence from work
  • Have counseling regarding acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS/HIV) if the offense creates the need
  • Be present at all court proceedings related to the offense, subject to judge's approval
  • Information and an explanation of these rights

If you feel afraid:
Trust your instincts!
Have a Safety Plan.
Know Where to Get Help.
Protective Ordermay be helpful as well.